The Book 

Thomaz Perina 
Painting and Poetics

This work broaches a stage of the visual arts in Campinas (SP/Brazil), in particular, the painter Thomaz Perina. Two scenarios will bee discussed, that of Brazilian art in the 50’s and 60’s and that of Campinas whose spaces and facts of its cultural life aftected the lives and works of the artists of that time. We belived it to be appropriate to elect Perina to exemplify this process and its conditioning due to the quality of this work, the role he played in forming the group and his long career. He begun his life as an artist in the 40’s and is stillactive, creating and researching. We will discuss the scenarios from two angles the documentary and the interpretative. It will be Documentary when focusing on Thomaz Perina. We will identify the events and agents of artistic production, specially the Groupo Vanguarda’s activities and the relationship that surround them.

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